Volume XI

Table of Content

1.Development of rule of law in IndiaDevashish Dwivedi  
2.Concept of dharma: overview of Hindu jurisprudenceAditi Pandey
3.Administration in India and France- a comparative studyRonak Bansal
4.The future of cryptocurrency in IndiaAditya Awasthi  
5.A study of Comparative analysis of Wages    Saqib Sheikh  
6.A comparative study of labor standard in India and China  Vansh Ahuja and Shivank Garg
7.Study of policies and law for E WasteVishesh Vishwakarma
8.An analysis on the mandate of professional communication under the law of evidenceIsha Sharma
9.Socio – Economic offencesSakshi Rathi
10Religion and law in Indian perspectiveShivam Rathore
` 11  QUAD: The Antagonist of China  Sajal Jain and Aniket Rajput
  12  A critical analysis on hijab issue  Vineet Goyal and Shikhar Shrivastava
13Legal aspects of cryptocurrency lawAyushi thakur and Taashu Malviya
14Corporate criminal liability and its evolution through judicial trendsShikhar Sharma
15The workman of firestone Tyre and rubber co. Of India vs the management & Ors.Ishika Gandhi
16A critical study on concept of E-banking and various challenges in it with special reference to RBI’S role in the safe bankingMeet Priya Khalsa
17Dharma: the concept of law & justiceCharu Khandelwal
18Insider trading and the role of directorsRaman Singh Parihar