Chairman’s Message

The Legal Voice of India has been conceived as a medium to inculcate and promote legal research and to preserve academic acumen in the legal fraternity. It is a nostalgic feeling when one goes through the dusty old pages of his/her college Journal and specifically a “Law Journal” which makes you travel down he memory lane and depicts the transition of a Law Student into a lawyer, giving rise to a surge of emotions filled with joy and happiness. An academic journal is a tam’s efforts, the effort that goes into shortlisting the papers, and finally an editing that goes into making sure that the ideas of the author are being expressed in the understandable and intelligible manner. I am happy to see the amount of enthusiasm of eminent members of the college to contribute to The Legal Voice of India. Not to be outdone, our students have devoted time and plunged into creating great stories and knowledgeable articles which require serious appreciation. I stand awestruck by the sheer number of articles have come puring in for publication in The Legal Voice of India.

Mr. Akshay Kanti Bam

Chairman, Indore Institute of Law