Volume II



The Space Between Right and Wrong

Sr. Adv. Pinky Anand, Supreme Court of India

Judicial Accountability: The Crying Need for Hour Credibility and Restraint

Dr. Archana Ranka H.O.D. , School of Law, DAVV Indore

Women Empowerment : Empower ; Imagined ; Realised

Asst. Prof. &Head, Manpreet Kaur Rajpal, IIL Indore

The Protection of children from sexual offences Act,2012, Is It Really Worth Its Salt.

Asst.Prof. Puja Khetrapal, IIL Indore

Legalization Of Prostitution In India

Asst.Prof Sachin Verma, IIL Indore

Right To Work In Indian Scenario

Prof Dr. B.P.Tiwari, Principal, Vaishnav Law College

Asst Prof. Dr.Sunita Arya, Vaishnav Law College

Asst. Prof. Kusum Joshi, IIL Indore

India’s Patent Regime and Health’s : AProgressive Approach

Asst. Prof. Neha Sharma, IIL Indore

Dying Without killing : Self immolation

Apeksha Yadav

State of Telangana : Reality or Myth

Ankita Khare

Decriminalising attempt to suicide, Asocial urgency

Bhupendra Rajput

Adultery a Crime Should be Punishable for both Male & The Female Indulged

Binit Kumar Sinha

In India Girl is Raped every 20 mins.

Faizan Khan


Pawan Reley & Anamika Goutam

DUE PROCESS:A Process which is still Due

Mohit Chugh & Aditi Gupta

Global food crisis

Deepa Singh Baghel

A Question of Life and Death

Utkarsh Srivastava & Prateek Dhingra

Analyzing Live In Relation in Socio- Legal Context in Indian Society

Devesh Saxena, Abhishek Kumar