Volume IV




The International Patent System

Dr. Vinod Patidar,Principal,Indore Institute Of Law

Baby Farming:Gainsay to Indian Dogmas and Social Norms

Dr.Manpreet Kaut Rajpal, Associate Professor and Head of Department,Indore of Law

An overview of Women’s Rights in a Secular/Religious Nigeria State: The Human Righths Perspective

Mahmud Adebayo, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Ilorin,Nigeria

Feminism in Crime

Sonal Dass,Asst.Professor,Hidayatullah National Law University,Raipur

A Glimpse of Venality in India

Dr.Pooja Dasgupta & Ms.Khushbu Dubey,Asst.Professor,Indore Institute Of Law

Ecology and Air Pollution as a part of Article21

Dr.Varsha Upadhyay & Mr.Vivek Wilson, Asst.Professor,Indore Institute Of Law

Is Guarantee for Past Debit Valid-An Analysis of the Conflict Between SECTION127 of THe Indian

Conyract Act,1872 And Its Third Ilustration

Nitya Jain,NLU,Jodhpure

Right To Education For Transgender Children:A route towards unprejusdiced Human Rights

Navshesh Kshetri,GNLU,Gandhinagar

Tax Incentive and their Role in Research and Development

Nivruthi Tumu Reddy, Jindal Global University

Backwardness in india with Reference to Madhya Pradesh

Prenay Joshi, Institute of Law,Nirma University

Transcending from Positivism towards Natural Justice: Journey of Indian Judiciary

Aman Aditya and Shreya Sinha, Symbiosis Law School, Noida 119

Preservation of Women’s Rights under Penal Law: In this Era of Globalisation, do women stand at Par?

Kajal Verma, KIIT University, School of Law, Bhubaneshwar 128

Women Empowerment in Post Independent India with Special Emphasis through case laws

Bandita Sengupta, Research Scholar, Dept. of Law, Tripura University 138

Sedition Charges Constantly Evoked but Hardly Stick

Pearl Maheshwari, Indore Institute of Law 144

Res Judicata: History and Shaping of the Concept through Foreign Judgments

Samarth Chaddha and Himanshu Chauhan, Jindal Global Law School 155