Volume VII


U.S. Federal Law on Healthcare Insurance

Dr. Vinod Patidar, Principal, Indore Institue of Law

The role of national courts in Internation Commercial Arbitration

– Dr. Manpreet Kaur Rajpal, Head of Department, Indore Institute of Law


– Mr. Ananyo Mitra, Queens Mary College, United Kigdoms

Obscenity aOBSCENITY AND CENSORSHIP IN BOLLYWOODnd Censorship In Bollywood

– Mr. Rahul K. Chopra, Student, Indore Institute of Law

Arbitrary Detention Sans Human Rights: Insight Of International Perspective

– Ms. Shruti Gupta, Student, Amity Law School Delhi & Ms. Shivangi Shrivastava, Student, VIPS

Defenceless Dogs- Abandoned By The Indian Laws

– Ms. Sanjana S. Jain, Student, Christ University

Restorative Justice In Sexual Offences

– Mr. Ayushman Gupta & Ms Yashi Jain, Student, Indore Institute of Law

An Analysis of The Extent Of Judicial Activism: Is Judicial Restraint The Need Of The Hour

– Vishek Bhuyan, Student, National Law University Assam

The Imbalanced Scales of Justitia: Critical Analysis Of The Wto Trips Agreement In Light Of India’s Agrarian Crisis

– Drishya B. Shetty, Student, Christ University

Critical Analysis Of The Liability of A Company For Dishonour Of Cheque Under Section 138 & 141 Of The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881

– Mr. Rahul Rathore, Student, Indore Institute Of Law

Religion, Essential Practices and The Constitution

– Prachi Tiwary, Student, Banaras Hindu University

Rights Uninterrupted: A Study of Marital Rape In Constitutional Perspective

– Poorvika Shanmugauel, Student, School Of Excellence In Law, Tndale

The Doctrine Of Lifting The Corporate Veil And The Judicial Trend In Determining The Criminal Liability of Corporations

– Mr. Mrityunjay Sengar & Mr. Suryakant Puri Goswami, Student, Indore Institute Of Law

Analysis Of Transgender Persons (Protection Of Rights) Bill, 2018

– Mr. Sindhu Suresh & S. Varada, Student, Christ University

Right To Environment As A Human Right

– Ms. Garima Singh, Student, Indore Institute of Law

Significance and Relevance of Fundamental Duties

– Dr. Naresh Waghmare, Assistant Professor, Savitri Bai Phule University, Pune